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Be’chol Lashon

What is The Race Project?

"Recognizing the distinct cultural, linguistic, and ethnic identities of different people and groups is not merely a question of civility, but a 'vital human need.'" -Charles Taylor, philosopher

The Race Project unpacks the politics of race in America, providing the skills, tools, and expertise to navigate different cultural spaces in a Jewish context. To better understand our perspective, please click here to read: Diversity In The Jewish Community, Journal of Jewish Communal Service

As the Jewish community becomes more racially, ethnically and culturally diverse, The Race Project seeks to bring the historic Jewish commitment to civil rights and racial justice forward into the 21st century, providing new opportunities for Jewish professionals and others to actively engage in conversations about race. Despite the Jewish community's progressive views and pride in Jewish contributions to the Civil Rights Movement, Jews along with other Americans tend to avoid talking about race.

In a world connected through social media and technology, knowing how to encounter the 'other' is an increasingly important skill. Jewish wisdom that has evolved over millennia around the world has much to contribute to cultural competency-the ability to ask questions and navigate difference-an essential part of Jewish identity.

Diversity Training / Community Conversations

Be'chol Lashon's educational resources, speakers bureau, and community workshops present a multicultural view of the Jewish people. We value each individual's story and their value to the collective, encouraging conversations and celebrating differences between people as an asset. Highlighting inclusion, diversity and connection as hallmarks of Judaism, provides basic building blocks for instilling Jewish pride in an increasingly global world.

As the Jewish community becomes more racially, ethnically and culturally diverse through intermarriage, conversion and adoption, Be'chol Lashon convenes positive conversations, pushing people out of their comfort zone in safe and productive ways. Like the rabbinic tradition to end a service with a message of "nechemta" or comfort and hope, Be'chol Lashon's philosophy strives heal and create a positive vision for the Jewish future.

Contact us to tailor a strategy that best meets your goals: or 415.386.2604

Click here to see examples of Community Conversations and Workshops.

Be'chol Lashon Race Project Resources